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Noted criminal defense lawyer and author Christopher Edward Burris offers another glimpse into moral bankruptcy with Murder Under the Bus 

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Murder Under the Bus


What happens when two alpha lawyers turn on each other?


Matthew Byrnes will go to any lengths to defend a client. His new partner, Isabella Charlotte Ewing, called "Ice," is cold, calculating, and ruthless. They are the criminal defense power firm in Winston.


When the business partner of auto dealer Henry “Big Hank” Williams is found dead in Pioneer Park, Williams is charged with murder. Byrnes and Ewing, now estranged, fight for control of the defense in the high-profile case. There can only be one winner. But at what expense to the client, and who goes under the bus?

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A Question of Ethics

Charles Brogan is a highly successful criminal defense lawyer who sets his own rules and pushes ethical boundaries to their limits. He is self-centered, narcissistic, and morally bankrupt.

Brogan’s world changes when he begins an affair with Jessica Martin, the wife of his client, successful real estate developer “Wild Bill” Martin, who is accused of assaulting Jessica in a domestic violence case. When Jessica turns up dead, Wild Bill is charged with her murder and retains Brogan to represent him, plunging Brogan deeply into unethical waters with his own dark secrets.

Murder Under the Bus and A Question of Ethics are available through,, and other retailers serviced by Ingram Book Group.

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